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2003 VW GTI 1.8T (SOLD)

Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?


My 2003 VW GTI 1.8T (sold 21 March 2004)

*      Silverstone Grey

*      5 speed tiptronic

*      Leather pkg., cold-weather pkg.

*      17” Long Beeches

*      ESP



*      License frames; Forumula One Ultimate tint; GTI monster mats; Audi TT pedal covers & dead pedal; smoked front VW emblem cover; Silverstar halogen headlights; Custom aluminum ‘GTI’ door sills (red lettering); VW OEM blue-tinted aspherical mirrors; 20th anniversary rabbit badge; S2000 type antenna;


Profile pictures



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Team spirit

*      How can you tell I grew up in Vancouver, Canada?

Smoked VW emblem cover

*      A gift from my brother. I transferred it to my R32 before selling the GTI.

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20th Anniversary rabbit badge

*      PG Performance

*      Part No. 1J0 853675 AK 739

I picked this up personally during Christmas. You gotta love the rabbit!






*      The rabbit from farther back.

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VW Golf IV “GTI” (red lettering) door sill

*      Tunerland

*      Part no. 182AL-9/ZR

Custom aluminum door sill. The red lettering matched the GTI monster mats.


VW racing sticker

*      Another one my brother gave me, a VW racing sticker.

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Audi TT pedal covers & dead pedal

*      PG Performance

The accelerator pedal cover was easy enough, slipping right on. The brake was a *?%@! until a phone call to PG Performance informed me that the brake pedal actually had a stock cover—which of course had to be removed first. The dead pedal took a little effort, but was pretty straight-forward.


GTI Interior

*      One of the few interior shots I ever took of the GTI.

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Klasse All-in-one and Sealant Glaze

*      It’s a lot easier to see the Klasse AIO/SG on the GTI Silverstone Grey than the R32 Reflex Silver


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