Performance mods available and power from them. (updated 1/17/2006 courtesy Ian, vwvortex)


*      Exhaust flapper mod (10lb-ft of torque at low revs, and 10+hp gain in 1st and 2nd gear at all revs and +5hp at high speeds/high revs. Seems it's never fully deactivated by ECU .)

*      Neuspeed chip - 7 hp claimed

*      GIAC 91 octane chip - +7whp +12 lb-ft

*      GIAC 91 octane tuned for CAI chip - +12.5 whp, +14lb-ft

*      GIAC 93 octane and 93+CAI chip - available, but dyno gains unknown

*      Fastest/quickest NA US Spec R32s are running GIAC + CAI program (mid 13's@~100)

*      APR 91/93/100 octane chip - 93 octane +15hp +16 lb-ft on a hub dyno (not at the wheels or crank)

*      AmD Stage I (chip) - 260hp crank (not tested on a dyno in the US yet)

*      AmD Stage II (chip+exhaust) - 270 hp crank

*      AmD Stage III (chip+exhaust+cams) - ~300hp (no dynos of this available anywhere)

*      VF-engineering Stage I (6psi supercharger) - 320hp

*      VF-engingeering Stage II (6.5psi + intercooler) - 350hp

*      VF-engingeering Stage I - high octane (6.0 psi + 100 octane software) - 375hp

*      VF-engingeering Stage II - high octane (6.5 psi + intercooler + 100 octane software) - 400hp

*      EIP single turbo Stage I (4psi) - 350hp (295 fwhp) Now available $6.5-7k

*      HPA FT360 single turbo (360hp- Now available $8k)

*      HPA FT400 single turbo (400hp - Now available $11k)

*      EIP single turbo Stage I (9psi) - 336 awhp (somewhere on the order of 430bhp) Now available, same price as above

*      EIP single turbo Stage II (hp unknown, but in development)

*      HPA twin turbo Stage I (425hp)

*      HPA twin turbo Stage II (550hp - $30k)

*      EIP single turbo Stage 4 (600fwhp, 585awhp demonstration car)


Results of a huge dyno day organized by Jeremy (rabbitgtibbar)

Original dyno day thread:


with many of the above NA and FI options represented.


More discussion of results:


Among many interesting results, one stands out to me:

Stock - 200-207 awhp (at 23% drivetrain loss that's about 259-268 bhp, which is well above rated 240hp)


Performance chips for the R32

*      APR (Serially programmed. Up to 4 programs can be loaded at once and switched between via cruise control buttons)

*      GIAC (Serially programmed. Several programs can be loaded at once, and switched via laptop, or handheld interface that plugs into OBDII port)

*      AmD (see claimed gains above)

*      Neuspeed (modest gains, but inexpensive)

*      Wetterauer

*      EIP 8-9hp and 8-14 ft/lbs torque.

*      Revo - claimed 10-12 hp and 10-15 lbs of torque