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My Blue Heaven
Subdriven Compares The STi, Evo and R32
by: Travis Kriza

Last edited: 06.03.03
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R32 Overview
Evo Overview
STI Overview
Time to Compare Pt.1
Time to Compare Pt.2
Performance Comparison
The Final Element
Counter Points
The Final Element: Are they fun to drive?

Ummm, yes? Of course they are!!! All three cars are spectacular. The Evo is remarkable on the street and track with an unmatched feel in the group. The go-kart feel simply doesnít exist with either other car. Sure, itís rough around the edges, lacks a refined dash, but who needs that in this kind of car. This is a $30,000 performance car. Not only that, it feels just about right for on the track use right away. Who needs to spend $100k+ for a ready to race Porsche when you can get an Evo for under $30k?

The R32. Yeah, itís fun. That exhaust just taunts you wanting for you to play and rip around corners. The Haldex 4wd tempts you to push the car beyond what youíd normally throw a Golf through. Not only that, itís plush and nice. It doesnít carry the entire boy racer image (but it does carry a lot still). Itís not the fastest, but that doesnít mean itís the worst!

The STi? Letís seeÖ Yes? Heck yeah! The STi proves to be an extremely rewarding and stable car for someone that gets the chance to build a confidence in the car and its abilities. Did I mention that the transition to get this confidence is even easier if you already are familiar and comfortable with the way Subaruís drive? Combined with a 2.5litre turbo engine that isnít being pushed to the edge and the DCCD system, the STi proves to be one fun 4 door This is definitely one car that gets you a lot of performance and performance gadgetry for close to $30k.

So whatís the verdict? Thatís for you to decide. I can only help give you the information to help you make that decision. No matter what, any car will make you happy, after all, weíve entered My Blue Heaven.

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