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My Blue Heaven
Subdriven Compares The STi, Evo and R32
by: Travis Kriza

Last edited: 06.03.03
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R32 Overview
Evo Overview
STi Overview
Time to Compare Pt.1
Time to Compare Pt.2
Performance Comparison
The Final Element
Counter Points

Counter Points

Jacoby O'Connor - Editor

All three of these cars have unique personalities that are more than capable of satisfying the desire to make driving more than a means of getting from here to there. The R32 is without question the black sheep of this comparison, but what was very surprising was how two cars that were so blatantly aimed at the same demographic as the STi and the Evolution could feel and drive so much differently. This makes the decision on which one is better suited to your style that much easier as long as you have the ability to take them out for a test drive.

The R32 turned out to be more of a refined performance automobile than a raw, no frills racer. With both the smooth power delivery, and the least brain rattling ride, this 3 door compact is sure to be the better fit to those of you who enjoy touring with a bit of luxury. As a person who enjoys driving to the limit whenever possible, luxury is far less important than the ability to flog the hell out of it and feel confident doing so. While both the Evo and the STi are capable of making you feel as though your are a part of the car, the extra pull of the STiís 300ft/lbs of torque makes my heart race and drives the adrenaline thru my veins.

The fit and finish of the Evo was comparable to that of the STi but lacked the character that the STi gets from the Blue Escaine seats and door trim. The gauge display on STi is big and bright, and quite frankly puts the Evoís small, dim, and poorly contrasted gauges to shame. The cockpit of the STi is a constant reminder that you are sitting in a special car. If I was able to become the Dr. Frankenstein of cars, I would take the STi and give it the exterior fit and finish of the R32, quick steering rack of the Evo, and the short shifter found on the R32.

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