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Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?



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11 December 2004

*      Added two new R32 reviews from Motor Trend.



28 November 2004

Server was down for a while, but hopefully everything is okay now.

*      Added another R32 review—this time from the L.A. Times.

*      Updated R32 mileage info.



7 November 2004

Wow! Long time since my last update—it’s been a while because the server hosting this site was moved to a different location.

*      Added an Autoweek comparison of the 2004 Mitsubishi Evo RS and R32. Also added a couple R32 reviews from and check out the R32 reviews.

*      Added a Quicktime movie of the R32 :o). It’s on the R32 Videos section.

*      I replaced my stock tires with Pirelli Pzero Nero M+S. Pics in Parts & Accessories.

*      New pics in the Exterior pictures page.

*      A couple pics in the Wash & Wax page.

*      A couple new links in Favourite links.

*      Updated my R32 mileage info.

*      Mindless minutiae.



12 September 2004

*      Added another R32 review from Car & Driver, A Golf Like No Other.

*      Another blurb on Mindless minutiae.



2 September 2004

*      Changed the R32 review articles that were in “mht” format to “htm”—hopefully non-IE browsers can see them now.

*      Added a new R32 review from and updated Favourite links.

*      Updated R32 mileage info.



22 August 2004

*      I replaced the yellow sidemarkers with clear ones. Pics on the Parts & Accessories page.

*      I also tried out Eagle One’s Wash-as-U-dry in lieu of a quick detailer—pics on the Exterior pictures and Wash & Wax pages.

*      Some stuff on Mindless minutiae.



10 August 2004

*      Added a couple more R32 reviews on the R32 information page, from MotorWeek, Car & Driver, and another from European Car—where the R32 was tied for the ‘most significant new car of the year’!.

*   I also added some data on the mileage I’ve been getting with the R32, also on the R32 information page.



27 July 2004

*  Added a new page, Mindless minutiae—thoughts and opinions on life, the universe, and everything (to paraphrase the late Douglas Adams). Basically whatever doesn’t fit into the other pages. Not necessarily auto related.

*      Added some R32 review articles on the R32 information page.

*      Added a link to the home page of the Chesapeake Dubs, a VW club in Maryland, on the Favourite links page.

*      Yesterday I drove up to Ripken Stadium (Aberdeen, MD) to watch an autox event (my first!) and to meet a fellow vortexer racing this weekend. In addition to insight on autox racing, he generously gave me the stainless steel keychain and valve stem caps from the VW .:R accessories kit.

*      This was great because I much prefer my 4-motion license frame over the .:R license frame provided in the kit (which VW is selling for $39!!!).



10 July 2004

*      Added some new exterior pics after a wash at Gaithersburg, MD, and Tyson’s Corner, VA.

*      Received and installed a VW 6-disc CD changer on 8 July. Wow, already I can’t imagine how I ever survived without one!

*      Added a pdf file of the official VW accessories for the U.S. spec R32 on the R32 information page.



6 July 2004

*      Added a page of some of my 2003 GTI 1.8T pics before trade-in. I made some minor mods and couldn’t just let the pics die of neglect on my hard-drive.

*      Added a picture to Parts & Accessories comparing the lengths of stock and S2000 type antenna masts.



5 July 2004

*      Changed photos to thumbs, so hopefully pages won’t take too long to load. Click pictures to enlarge! Added pic of the installed EIP short shift.



3 July 2004

* Hi everyone! Welcome to the first day of my new website. This website is very much a work-in-progress. Please report any problems or broken links here. Thanks!

*      This morning I had EIP’s street series short shift and motor mount installed. Great stuff!


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