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Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?



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5 September 2005

*      I’ve added several R32 reviews (Automobile Magazine; Car Connection; Car and Driver; Edmunds; US News; Wombat Australia).  For the present time I’m still restricting myself to information on the 2004 MkIV Golf R32 and not the newer MkV R32 that recently has been announced for European markets (end of September 2005).

*      Three short R32 Videos that hopefully will give you a hint to what the R32 sounds like.  I’ve also included two VW commercials in the same section.



28 July 2005

*      I updated some links, and added pictures to Exterior pictures and Wash & Wax.

*      I also bought some VW foam tool inserts that fit in the spare tire well.  Check out Parts & Accessories for pics.

*      Also note that I have a new e-mail address ( if you have any comments, suggestions, questions, reports of broken links, or just to say hello :o)

*      A couple weeks ago I had the cold-start update for the EIP ECU upgrade.  Works great!

*      The past week or so the weather has been approaching 40°C and sometimes over, with high humidity.  I’m happy to report that (knock-on-wood) there’s been no reappearance of bumper ripples.  Yipee!



27 July 2005

*      Finally!  I’m back online at my new home.  I apologize for the unannounced downtime, but my previous host didn’t give me any warning.

*      More pics soon!



23 May 2005

*      Found a new R32 review from the San Antonio Business Journal, and added an old one from BBC’s Top Gear.  Check out R32 reviews.

*      Made a new section in R32 information called R32 Videos—mostly reviews and commercials for the R32.



15 May 2005

*      Lots of stuff has happened since my last update.  Check out Parts & Accessories for:

*      Disabled DRLs in preparation for installing my HIDs.

*      Installed VW OEM HIDs and rheostat.

*      VW OEM Lexan headlight covers.

*      Installed my EIP CCAI (colour-matched!).

*      Installed H&R 21mm rear sway bar.

*      Unfortunate news regarding my EIP ECU flash:  I noticed that my car turns over 0.5 to 1 second longer before starting, compared to pre-flash.  I’m not the only one, and EIP says it’s working on an update to remedy this.



4 May 2005

*      Posted some pics of the spare tire I bought from EIP Tuning in Parts & Accessories.

*      Wash & Wax and my R32 mileage info.



23 April 2005

*      I drove up to EIP Tuning for the East Coast R32 GTG (23-24 April 2005).  Lots of R32s showed up, and a few other VWs as well.  But R32s were definitely the vast majority.  I put the GTG pics in Events and GTGs.  I picked up a t-shirt to commemorate the event—and some other goodies, too ;o)

*      It started off as a good morning, then turned into a very long, frustrating day as I waited seven hours to get my ECU upgraded.  But… all’s well that end’s well and at the end it turned into a great day--  I won an EIP CCAI as a door prize. Woohoo! :o) :o) :o) 

*      Oh yeah, the ECU flash made an immediate and wonderful improvement, especially in the lower ranges.  After the drive home, I suspect my gas mileage will improve, too, which isn’t what I was expecting from a performance mod.



16 April 2005

*      Aaaargh!  This is the last time I take my ride to a dealership for anything except warranty work.  At my 10k mile service, I specifically asked them not to wash my car afterwards—but low and behold, it came back washed with swirl marks galore.  I like and get along with the VW service rep, and mistakes happen, so  I didn’t express my vast displeasure at the time, but I certainly dinged them when they sent me a customer satisfaction questionnaire a couple days later.

*      To make bad matters worse, on the drive home I discovered that at high speeds my steering wheel vibrated like crazy.  I immediately suspected something was screwed up since the 10k service includes a tire rotation.  So I went to Pro-Imports to have my wheels balanced, which solved the problem :o) but then was told that one of my rims was bent :o(

*      Oh yeah, the dealership said my next scheduled maintenance was at 15k or 6 months—excuse me, but according to VW of America and my owner’s manual, my next service is at 20k.



9 April 2005

*      I installed the 5-brake light mod—never has something so simple felt so satisfying ;o)  Check-out Parts & Accessories for pics and brief DIY.

*      Last I heard, there are only two new R32s left in the U.S.—both Tornado Red.



21 March 2005

*      Happy Birthday! One year ago today I first saw, purchased, and drove my R32 :o)  Wow, time certainly flew by. So… 365 days and 9500 miles.  Not the most, not the least, but all of it fun.  So, how did I commemorate this truly momentous occasion?  Why, I took a drive, of course!  And gave the R32 a well-needed bath. Check out Exterior pictures for gratuitous pics.

*      Added two new R32 reviews from Autoweek and

*      Updated R32 mileage info.



4 March 2005

*      As posted on vwvortex: per VWhub 1 March 2005, 13:15 EST, there are 6 Tornado Red, 2 Deep Blue Pearl, 1 Black Magic Pearl, and 1 Reflex Silver new R32s remaining in the U.S.  If you want a new one you better get one soon!

*      If you’re still sitting on the fence, maybe this R32 review from Edmunds will change your mind ;o)



10 February 2005

*      Happy (belated) Year of the Rooster!

*      Updated R32 mileage info.

*      Added a mini TOC in Parts & Accessories so you don’t have to strain a finger scrolling down the page.



23 January 2005

*      This weekend we had our first significant snowfall—3 to 4 inches or so.  Check out Exterior pictures for my first snow pics :o)



20 January 2005

*      Happy (belated) New Year!

*      On 8 January 2005 I had my front bumper replaced (under warranty) due to the infamous ‘ripples’ found on some R32s. See Parts & Accessories for a picture and more info. The VW dealership and service rep I went to was great, and I’d definitely go there again, butMindless minutiae.

*      With the cold temperatures, snow, salt and sand on the road the R32 is the filthiest it’s ever been. Stay tuned for some pics this weekend. I just hope my new front bumper will survive the 30 days before I can wax it.



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