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Why is everyone who drives slower than me an idiot, and everyone who drives faster a maniac?



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10 December 2007

*      I updated the R’s 2007 gas mileage.  Previous years’ mileage can be found on R32 information.

*      Surprise, surprise, I found another review of the 2004 VW R32, published in  All my R32 reviews can be found over here.



23 November 2007

*      It took almost two weeks, but my replacement wheel center cap finally arrived.

*      I also updated the R’s 2007 gas mileage.  Previous years’ mileage can be found on R32 information.



10 November 2007

*      Yesterday I washed my R for the first time after it was vandalized.  It was getting pretty grungy what with time and the beginnings (finally!) of winter weather. 

*      There were quite a few black spots on my R that wouldn’t come off.  I’m guessing they were specks of tar from a recently repaved - I have no idea why since it was perfectly fine - street.  Fortunately, I had a clay bar lying around that got rid of it.

*      I also waxed the R with Glanz Wax.

*      I lost a wheel center cap on my left rear.  No new pictures since it’s pretty much the same as when I lost one before (wheel center cap).



2 November 2007

*      It’s been a short while since my last update because I just wasn’t in the mood.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  My R was vandalized a week or so ago.  Follow the link for the depressing details.

*      My R’s 2007 gas mileage.  Look on R32 information for the R’s mileage in previous years.



21 October 2007

*      I updated my R’s 2007 gas mileage.  Mileage for previous years is on my R32 information page.



13 October 2007

*      Last weekend I took some new pictures.  Follow this link.

*      After three and a half years I finally uploaded pics of the “freebies” given to purchasers of new MkIV R32s.

*      R32 ballpoint pen.

*      R32 leather key chain.

*      I decided to prettify my VW key fob.  :o)



6 October 2007

*      Today I washed and waxed my R.

*      I uploaded some non-R32 VW print ads.  I put them in my VW advertisements section.



30 September 2007

*      I was surprised my mileage was above 20 mpg this week (R32 fuel consumption) especially as yesterday I was trapped in stop-and-go traffic.  Ugh.  I can accept traffic congestion on weekdays, but on weekends!?  Doubly frustrating.

*      Look on R32 information for gas mileage from previous years.



23 September 2007

*      Another week, another tank: my R’s 2007 gas mileage.  As always, mileage for previous years can be found on my R32 information page—at the top.

*      I was getting impatient with the break-in period for my Bridgestone Pole Positions so yesterday I went on a cruise to push them past 500 miles.  I took a route I hadn’t used in a while—I’d forgotten how fun some parts of it could be.  :o)



15 September 2007

*      I updated the R’s gas mileage.  Mileage for previous years can be found here: R32 information.



7 September 2007

*      I installed new tires, Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Positions, to replace my old Pirelli Pzero Nero M+S.



2 September 2007

*      I updated my R’s fuel consumption for 2007.  Fuel consumption for previous years can be found here: R32 information.



25 August 2007

*      I replaced my wiper blades the other day.  The old ones were still useable but I had noticed a slight deterioration.  The odd thing is that the passenger-side blade has a different part number than previously.  Odd.  Follow the link for details: wiper blades.

*      I waxed the R yesterday evening with Glanz Wax—still using up the old formulation.  No new pics, unfortunately.

*      Finally, I also replaced my driver-side Lexan headlamp cover.



19 August 2007

*      I found a new-to-me review of the MkIV R32 published in an online automotive journal.  Follow the links to go directly to the short review, or to the list of all the articles I’ve uploaded.



17 August 2007

*      With family visiting and the consequent increase in driving I’ve been filling up more often.  Here’s the latest update of my R’s fuel consumption.  Previous years can be found here:  R32 information.



12 August 2007

*      My R’s personal fuel consumption has been updated.  Fuel consumption for previous years can be found on my R32 information page.



5 August 2007

*      New update for my R’s fuel consumption: personal fuel consumption for 2007.  Information for years 2004-2006 can be found on my R32 information page.

*      FYI, this past week the 2008 MkV R32s have started arriving in the United States and are being prepped at dealerships.  I’ve heard that all 5000 units have been spoken for.  I’m wondering if I should make time to take a look in person before they’re all picked up.

*      The other day I had to replace my driver’s side brake light.  I’m not posting a full write-up since I’ve done near identical things with my tail light and 5-brake light mod.

*      To learn how to access the rear light bulb assembly you can see the DIY I wrote up for my 5-brake light mod.

*      The R brake light uses a P21W bulb (1156 or 7506).  A list of bulbs for the MkIV R32 can be found under my R32 maintenance section.



27 July 2007

*      After waiting a month, my new dogbone mount from BmF Technik finally arrived—and promptly installed, today.  :o)  Follow the link for pics and initial impressions.



24 July 2007

*      Updated my R’s personal fuel consumption for 2007.  Fuel consumption for previous years can be found on my R32 information page.


13 July 2007

*      Happy Friday the 13th!  :o)

*      It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new review of the MkIV R32, but here’s a short article comparing the Euro-spec. MkIV R32 and the MkV R32, published in Evo.

*      A complete list of all the R32 articles I’ve collected can be found in my R32 reviews section.


7 July 2007

*      Earlier this week I waxed my R and took some pictures.

*      Today I stopped by my local Kwik-E-Mart.

*      Updated my R’s personal fuel consumption.


29 June 2007

*      I added BmF Technologies to my links page.  BmFT is an aftermarket tuning shop for VW, Audi and Porsche, currently located in Annapolis, MD.


28 June 2007

*      I updated the data on my R’s personal fuel consumption.  Information for previous years can be found on my R32 information page.


27 May 2007

*      This weekend I decided it was time to give my R its annual spring exterior detail.

*      I updated my personal fuel consumption for 2007.  Data for previous years can be found on my R32 information page.


18 May 2007

*      If I had known VW was going to offer a Gorilla-Gear system (cargo mat + 4 cargo locks) for the R32 I wouldn’t have purchased this OEM foam cargo mat two months ago.  Ugh.  Money not well spent.


14 May 2007

*      This past weekend I decided to take some pictures before my R turned yellow again from all the pollen.  Follow the link for a look:  Morning light.


11 May 2007

*      I added a couple new links to my links page. 

*      Detailers Domain sells numerous detailing products (incl. Einszett products) and has an amazing waffle-weave MF towel that soaks up water like you wouldn’t believe.  They’re a VWvortex sponsor and offer a vortex discount.

*      1st VW Parts sells OEM parts.  They responded to my e-mails within an hour or two and were very helpful.  Less expensive than my local dealership, too!


5 May 2007

*      I updated my personal fuel consumption for 2007.  Information from previous years can be found on the R32 information page.


21 April 2007

*      I was attending a conference in Gettysburg, PA and had some time to take a few “I was there photos”.  See Exterior pictures for the pics.


14 April 2007

*      FYI, back in February and earlier this month I received a couple e-mails from VWoA regarding the MkV 2008 Golf R32.  The first informing me that they were taking pre-orders, the second stating only 250 of 5000 units are remaining.

*      Other VW advertisements can be found under my R32 and VW ads section.


2 April 2007

*      It’s been hard to find suitable motor oil for the R32, locally.  I’ve uploaded information on what I’ve been using under my R32 maintenance section. 

*      I’ve also updated my Favourite links page.


25 March 2007

*      I washed the R this morning and took some pictures.


18 March 2007

*      I updated my personal fuel consumption for the R32.  As always, it and data for previous years can be found in R32 information.


17 March 2007

*      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

*      My brother was surprised when I told him I didn’t have a cargo liner for the R32’s hatch.  Well, now I do.  Follow this link for details.


10 March 2007

*      I’m hesitant about posting something so minor, but what the heck.  I decided to retry my luck with VW valve stem caps.


3 March 2007

*      For those debating between buying an used 2004 VW Golf R32 or the 2008 MkV R32, or those simply curious, I’ve uploaded some reported differences between the MkIV and MkV versions.  I’m not sure how accurate the information is since the MkV won’t be in the United States until August 2007, so make what you will of it.  It’s under my R32 general information section or you can click here.

*      It took a while, but I finally received a free badge and some stickers from Haldex.  You can check here for more information and to see what I did with them.  :o)

*      I uploaded some pictures I took this morning: new Glanz Wax


27 February 2007

*      This past Sunday a snow storm dumped 4-5 inches of white stuff on the ground.  Hurrah!


24 February 2007

*      This morning I had my CD player replaced under warranty.  While signing in I was informed there was a recall for the brake light switch—they fixed that this morning, too.

*      Updated R32 personal fuel consumption for 2007.  Data for previous years can be found under R32 information.


22 February 2007

*      I received a free sample of the new formulation of Glanz Wax from Einszett.  After waiting for a few weeks, last night was finally warm enough for me to try it out.  :o)


17 February 2007

*      When I was stuck in the snow a few days ago I noticed that my driver’s side tail light wasn’t working.  When it rains it pours, eh?  You can follow this link for details.

*      I’ve updated my R32 maintenance section to include a list of light bulbs for the R32.


14 February 2007

*      Snow and ice:  1… R32: 0.

*      Salt and ice.


13 February 2007

*      As the R’s next service is approaching I sought clarification from VWoA regarding exactly when I should be changing the Haldex oil and filter.  Details are in the R32 maintenance section.


5 February 2007

*      I found some Volkswagen and VW Golf R32 print ads.  You can find them in R32 information under the Golf R32 and VW advertisements section.


31 January 2007

*      I uploaded a significant amount of new information on the R32 (see R32 information):

*      R32 FAQ.

*      Available performance mods and their power gains.

*      Some noted differences between the U.S.- and Euroopean 2004 R32.

*      R32 and other VW colour codes.

*      Strange sounds the R32 makes.

*      Some history as to how the how the R32 made it to the U.S. market.

*      And one answer to the burning question, What do you get over a 1.8T for $30,000?

Most of this stuff I merely cleaned-up and modified from the R32 forum at VWvortex.


27 January 2007

*      Updated my personal fuel consumption for the R.


15 January 2007

*      I replaced one of my center caps, today.


13 January 2007

*      I took some new photos of the R’s interior:  see Interior pictures.


9 January 2007

*      Here’s my fuel consumption information for the new year.  As always, data from previous years can be found in R32 information.



8 January 2007

*      Happy New Year!

*      There’s the saying, “out with the old, in with the new”, well, I don’t really have anything new to post for my R, yet, but I did say final goodbyes to something old—a white 1988 Toyota Camry.  I learned how to drive in this car and it was mine to drive for 5-6 years before I moved overseas.  It’s been sitting in my parents’ garage for the past 10-11 years collecting dust but during the past holidays the Camry finally moved on to a new owner.

*      Anywhoo, here it is ready for pick-up.

*      I updated the final data on my R’s fuel consumption data for 2006.  Previous years can be found in R32 information.  Data for 2007 will be available once I fill’er up :o)




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