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8th November 2008

*      When I was having city lights modified I learned that my driver’s side bumper sidemarker had partially melted.  I replaced the sidemarkers and switched to LEDs.

*      I took several pictures after washing and waxing my R but only one of them I felt like uploading.



5 November 2008

*      I now need DRLs – so I had my city lights wired to my R’s ignition, and replaced them with LEDs.  Follow the link for pictures and more details:  city light LEDs as DRLs.



23 October 2008

*      Big news!  I don’t know when it changed, but it has changed – the Canadian U.S. vehicle admissibiliy list has been updated.  The 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 can now be imported into Canada!

*      Updated fuel consumption for 2008.



16 August 2008

*      It’s been a while, but I’ve updated my R's fuel consumption for 2008.  Data for previous years can be found at the top of R32 information.

*      Last weekend I participated in the Audi Driving Experience at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.  It was fun!  Follow the link for details.



24 May 2008

*      I took a couple close-up pics a week after waxing the R.



17 May 2008

*      I washed and waxed the R, today.  As the forecast tomorrow is for thunderstorms, I would have dispensed with my ritual if I had remembered in time that my last wax was in April, not February.  Oh well, at least I could finally use the new stuff.

*      R's fuel consumption for 2008.  Gasoline prices are annoying.  You can see by my mileage records, but today I paid $4.10 per gallon, compared to back in 2004, when I was paying $1.94—that’s 211%!!!  Wangos.  Just in this past week, prices increased six cents per gallon!  I never thought I’d say this, but a scooter is becoming appealing.

*      Fuel consumption for previous years can be found at the top of R32 information.



27 April 2008

*      Many moons ago I received an unexpected gift mailed to original 2004 Golf R32 owners.  Never has receiving a wood product been so satisfying.  Well, that’s not strictly true—receiving my degrees was satisfying, too.  :o)  For more information check out R32 poster.

*      Updated my R's fuel consumption.



21 April 2008

*      Minor editing of website, and an update to my R's fuel consumption for 2008.  Mileage for 2004-2007 can be found on my R32 information.



4 April 2008

*       Updated my R's fuel consumption.



19 March 2008

*      Stupid BP nozzle – since the nozzle trigger kept going off no matter how I fiddled with it my mileage calculation for the latest tank is off.  I was expecting above average mileage, too. :o(   My R's fuel consumption.



1 March 2008

*      Updated my R's fuel consumption.



10 February 2008

*      Yesterday I washed and waxed my R.

*      Updated my R's fuel consumption.



1 February 2008

*      I had my R’s 40k service this week—in addition to cleaning and re-oiling my K&N, this was the first time the Haldex oil and filter were changed.

*      I found another 2004 R32 review.  Click this link for all the MkIV R32 reviews I’ve uploaded.  Click here for R32 video reviews.

*      Here are some more VW ads:  Small but tough. Polo; Polo Ladies Cup; and Golf R32. Perfectly tuned.

*      Follow this link for all the VW print ads I’ve uploaded.



26 January 2008

*      Another stop at the gas station, another updated mileage for my R's 2008 fuel consumption.



20 January 2008

*      Despite being -8°C (-16°C with the windchill factor) I was too anxious to wait for warmer weather.  I grabbed an old tube of Meguiar’s ScratchX and set to work.  Follow this link for details.



19 January 2008

*      Ugh.  Objectively, I guess it can be categorized as a minor accident, but it definitely feels major to me.  Follow this link for details.

*      Updated mileage for 2008 – I hit 15.5 gallons, the largest fill-up in my R’s history, not even counting the Valvoline Complete Fuel System Treatment I added.



9 January 2008

*      Back in October my R was vandalized.  Earlier this week I decided it was finally time to get her repaired.  Follow this link for details.



7 January 2008

*      The first update of 2008!  Hurrah!  Cheers!  Ganbei!

*      I’ll have another update later this week, but for now, you’ll have to make do with the final 2007 gas mileage for my R.  Previous years’ mileage can be found on R32 information.





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