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3 August 2009

*      I installed some VentureShield clear sticker on the R’s front.

*      Some pics after a long overdue wash.

*      I installed a Sharan antenna.


10 May 2009

*      I finally installed my summer tires and O.Z. wheels.

*      I had the R’s front repainted.  This past year has been a very expensive one for auto expenses.


18 April 2009

*      I came across another review of the MkIV R32 from the Florida Times-Union, titled, Power Golf, Anyone?  Find it in the reviews section.


11 April 2009

*      These days I no longer make a concerted effort to avoid VW dealerships.  I went to one last week to have the R’s ambient temperature sensor looked at.

*      The stock Aristos have been relegated to winter wheel status.  See the wheels I purchased for the other three seasons (weather permitting).


9th March 2009

*      It’s been several months since my last update.  Life happens.  I wonder if any one cared, let alone noticed?  I jest.  I’m glad to know at least one person found this site helpful during the hiatus, at least.  My world is complete.  :o)

*      Anywhoo, the main reason for this site’s silence was my relocation to wintry northern climes (relatively speaking).  I was on the verge of selling my R when by brother told me RIV (Canada Registrar of Imported Vehicles) had updated the list and 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32s can now be imported to Canada.  Happy days!

*      I recently installed Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D winter performance tires.

*      I found evidence first-hand that HIDs give off less heat than stock headlamps.  Not really a good thing when driving in winter conditions.



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