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2 August 2010

*     This year when I changed to my summer tires I decided to adjust my SHS coilovers for the first time. 


29 May 2010

*     All four of my VW black on silver stem caps were stolen within the last day.  Stupid thieves.  I’m sticking with plain black ones until I can get safer parking.  Unfortunately, since I live downtown that won’t be for months, yet.  Stupid building management only provided public parking when they kicked all their tenants out of the secured parking.


22 May 2010

*     Pictures I took back in April.


19 May 2010

*     Wow, it’s been a long time since my last official update.

*     I updated the R32’s fuel consumption for 2010.  Previous years’ fuel consumption can be found here.

*     The 2004 R32 technical service bulletins have been updated.  There are a couple new ones since the last time I’d checked.  There’s also a service action that didn’t come up with the TSB search to do with checking the moonroof drain.  See R32 maintenance for details.

*     I updated the VWoA maintenance schedule for the 2004 VW R32 – though it doesn’t look like anything has changed.

*     Since my 50k miles scheduled maintenance was more than a year ago, I took my R in today expecting to have the “60k miles” servicing done, despite only having 54k miles on the odometer.  To my surprise the dealership told me all I needed was a “55k miles” service which only entailed an oil change.  I was surprised because according to the information on VWoA there is no “55k miles” service for the 2004 R32 – it goes from 50k directly to 60k.  Odd.





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